Re: [hatari-devel] WinUAE settings for different machine types (was: Release 1.6.2 in mid May)

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On keskiviikko 18 huhtikuu 2012, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> For the falcon parameters in the new cpu core, they should be configured
> like this :
> System :
> Machine: Falcon
> Cpu type: 68030
> cpu clock: 16 Mhz
> Falcon DSP: Full

These were already there with the old CPU.

> Cpu parameters:
> 24 bits addressing ON
> Cycle exact, slower: ON


> Prefetch mode, slower : ON

This one (bCompatibleCpu) is a setting shared (in config file) with old CPU.

I'm not sure I should touch it as old CPU settings don't touch it when
selecting Falcon mode.   Nicolas?

> Real time clock emulation: ON

Currently this isn't enabled by old CPU and as it shouldn't affect emulation
accuracy (just time/date inside emulation), I don't think it should be

> Patch timer-D: OFF
> Blitter emulation: ON

These shouldn't be touched.  Blitter setting is about *ST* blitter,
it doesn't affect other machine types.

> MMU 040 emulation: OFF

Does that have an effect even when one has selecte 030 CPU???

> FPU:
> 68882: ON
> More compatible, slower: ON


> TOS: 4.02 or later
> Memory ram: 14 Mib ON
> Atari screen: Show STE borders : ON

Separate user choices, not relevant.

> (Shouldn't this one be renamed as Atari show borders (remove ST/Ste) ?

Will do.

On torstai 19 huhtikuu 2012, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> >  What about ST(e) machines, what values WinAUE config options:
>    bool bAddressSpace24;
>    bool bCycleExactCpu;
>    FPUTYPE n_FPUType;
>    bool bCompatibleFPU;
>    bool bMMU;
> should have for those?
> Really, I think the hatari_falcon exe shouldn't be used for emulating
> ST(e) now, as it is really less compatible than the old CPU core. We
> would need to merge all the patches and fixes Nicolas added to the old
> core before.

Well, I'm mainly intesterested it being just able to boot up TOS
on 68000 without crashing (passing TOS tester regression testing).

> Anyway, I would say :
>    bool bAddressSpace24, ON
>    bool bCycleExactCpu: OFF
>    FPUTYPE n_FPUType: maybe as it is on the old CPU

There's no such setting on old CPU.  Does this setting
affect also 68000 emulation???

>    bool bCompatibleFPU: I don't know
>    bool bMMU : NO

Ditto, does this setting affect also 68000 emulation???

	- Eero

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