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The main problem here is that as long as we've not merged all the 68000 patchs from Nicolas, the 68000 emulation will be less accurate. As far as I remeber (I haven't tested again), 68000 emulation with winuae core doesn't work well with cycle exact.
It should work without it.

For the other questions, I'll have a look tomorrow.



Le 22/05/2012 00:04, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On tiistai 22 toukokuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
IMO, we should have Hatari with some default settings that ensure
maximum accuracy (that is, the less possible troubles for a user who
just want to load a disk and don't care for the config options).
If the user later wants to use less cpu, that it will be up to him to
disable accurate options (cpu, lower sound freq, ...)
To complete this mail, I think we should set bCompatibleCpu=TRUE to
default, but don't change it when the user change the machine type.
Actually, WinAUE seems to assert for 68000:
Building CPU, 44316 opcodes (0 1 1)
CPU=68000, FPU=0, MMU(040)=0, JIT=0.
hatari: /home/eero/work/hatari/src/cycInt.c:378:
CycInt_AddRelativeInterruptWithOffset: Assertion `CycleTime>= 0' failed.

Unless one explicitly sets bCompatibleCpu=FALSE / --compatible no
before starting Hatari.

It needing different value for different CPU types even to start,
is really problematic because config file will always override built-in
default (which can change based on machine type).

If the user really wants less accurate cpu, we should keep his choice,
not force bCompatibleCpu to something elese (else it would complicated
to force it to TRUE in falcon mode, restore it to TRUE or FALSE in ST
mode ; it would require several variables for no real benefit).

	- Eero

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