Re: [eigen] Eigen and rigid body simulation

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If I understand correctly, Displacement is a specialization of the existing Transform class for the isometry in 3D case (just like Rohit's dual quaternion implementation), so maybe Transform3D or similar would be easier to relate with the more general implementation.

Yes, the name is not ideal.

If you are indeed familiar with KDL, and you found out that it does not adapt well to your needs, I'd be very interested in knowing what shortcomings you found for your application domain, and how would you address them otherwise.

Yes, I know about KDL. My main concern is that we choose to use Eigen for a big part of our code, but we have also many old libraries with their own mathematical libraries (C style libraries). So I'd like to use the Map<...> mecanism to interface our new libraries with the old one this mecanism is not in KDL, since its basics elements (rotation, frame, twist, wrench) are not based on Eigen. That's the main reason for not using KDL frame, rotation, etc.


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