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In data giovedì 26 novembre 2009 14:00:21, Mathieu Gautier ha scritto:
> I don't plan to add methods or classes to have a physics(electric, etc.) 
> engine in Eigen, I agree that's out of Eigen scope. I just wish to have 
> some basic geometric elements handling rigid body motion, like 
> quaternion actually reflects rigid body rotation. It's just about 
> geometry and not about physics, although the name I used are based on 
> mechanical field.
> I think that these elements can be usefull for users who wish to use 
> Eigen for physics simulation or robotics application, where these kind 
> of elements and matrices operation are heavily used.


We seem to agree about what is 'in scope' and what is not. I think it would be 
even more clear if you show us what you expect to add. I don't mean a final 
patch that would probably require a lot of work, but examples of code and API 
that you expect to provide in the module. Anything that you can do without 
spending time on it.
We could then discuss altogether if none, all, or part of it would benefit from 
being shared in the eigen repository.

Also, I know there are other people using eigen that work on physics and/or 
robotic simulation, I would be happy to know what they think, although I don't 
know if they follow the mailing list.

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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