Re: [eigen] Eigen and rigid body simulation

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But when you are talking about linear or angular "mechanics" you should
also think about its analog applications: thermodynamics and electricity:

The formulas to handle those quantities are exactly the same.

I.e. although most quantites are only 1D (and not 3D like linear and
angular motion) this is really asking for a generic mechanism to handle

I agree that there is a strong analogy between these fields (mechanic, electric, etc.). But, I think that working in 1D and 3D is too different to have a simple unified framework. For example, derivative in cartesian space of a rigid motion is not trivial. The point is, with or without a unified framework, that mechanical quantities such as velocities, forces or rigid motion need their specific representation which reflect the space in which they evolve (Lie algebra and Lie group). Moreover the basic operation associated to these group can be simplified for the specifics group in 3D that's why they need a specific implementation.

But in either case (only mechanics or generalized) I think it's out of
the scope of Eigen. It's a good usecase though.

I don't plan to add methods or classes to have a physics(electric, etc.) engine in Eigen, I agree that's out of Eigen scope. I just wish to have some basic geometric elements handling rigid body motion, like quaternion actually reflects rigid body rotation. It's just about geometry and not about physics, although the name I used are based on mechanical field.

I think that these elements can be usefull for users who wish to use Eigen for physics simulation or robotics application, where these kind of elements and matrices operation are heavily used.


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