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I added a config variable to force the new behaviour off and test 5 wms.

Unity (enabled): ok
Unity (disabled): not working

KDE (enabled): ok
KDE (disabled): almost

LXDE (enabled): ok
LXDE (disabled): ok


On XFCE, with the patch enabled first 5 modesets work, then the panel starts
overlapping. With the patch disabled, the panel starts overlapping right away
but then stops after a number of modesets.

On IceWM, with the patch enabled the initial modeset works, consecutive ones
look weird. With the patch disabled, initial modeset has the panel overlapping
and consecutive modesets work.

Re: your results with kwin, I had similar results, with every iteration except the first shifted down slightly, but I modified the patch and that seems fixed now. I'm using kwin 4.11.10 (Ubuntu 14.04).

The biggest problem with my results is XFCE... however I don't know how common using al_resize_display is, and the initial modeset is actually an improvement over sans patch.

On 14-08-08 10:29 AM, beoran@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I also tested all those WM's on my system (ubuntu 13.04) and came to
the following conclusions with regards to Trent's patch:

Improved by patch: compiz in both legacy and non-legacy modes. Sawfish.
Slight regression: kwin : ok before patch, after patch slightly misplaces mysha.
Slight regression: fluxbox : ok before patch, after patch oly first
mode switch is ok, on next mode switches the position is wrong.

I don't think fluxbox is important enough to worry about, and the
patch does improve the situation drastically for compiz and sawfish (I
also don't worry much about sawfish though). Most important is that
we'll have to find out what is wrong with kwin and fix that too.

One thing to keep in mind is that I switched winow managers on the go
and didn't reboot each time, so perhaps the tests I did may have some
cross interference in them. I found them instructive nevertheless.
Also interesting enough is that the gtk/gnome wased WM's seem to be
the best behaved ones at least for Allegro.

The fact that you saw something else than me may mean that we used
different versions of kwin; I used KWin: 4.9.5.

Kind Regards,


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