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I finally had a chance to have a go at the ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_VIRTUAL code (attached.)


The patch isn’t necessarily considered ready to go. There are some problems. On KDE I get a nearly fullscreen display that’s shifted up about 20 pixels. On XFCE it works sometimes, but if the panel is positioned a certain way the display doesn’t cover it. On Compiz it seems to work.


I had to modify the primitives addon which is perhaps the ugliest part, as primitives and transforms seems to be different. The patch jimmies in the ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_VIRTUAL flag into ex_bitmap, ex_prim, cosmic protector and speed. Seems to work with and without the flag in those examples with this patch.


Wondering if anyone has ideas on how to fix XFCE and KDE? Also extra testing is highly appreciated.


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