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Dear Trent,

First of all, your patch had carriage returns in it that I first had
to strip of with dos2unix, but then it applied correctly, so that was
OK, I guess. :-)

I was probably the one who was confused about how SDL2 does it's
fullscreen. I read the code but it seems I misunderstood a few things
about it. So I guess I misinformed you. I apologize for that.

I tried your patch with 13 randomly chosen window managers and it
works well for 8 of them. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest is
either obsolete or has bugs. I merely used ex_fs_window and
ex_fs_resize and saw if the sceen was ok and could switch correctly
repeatedly. I didn't check alt-tabbing because many window managers
don't use that methof for switching focus.

Most importantly is that it works fine for compiz even without legacy
mode setting, for metacity and for xfwm4, which are probably the most
common window managers out there. Too bad LXDE's window manager
openbox doesn't work correctly, that may be one WM to try and fix
fullscreen for as well.

I attached a test report in text format. I hope it's infromative.

Kind Regards,


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