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trevor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (2017-12-08 at 2354.56 -0600):
> This has been mentioned here before, recently.  Sometimes clicking at
> random places in an app like firefox causes the cursor to switch to a
> cross and then moving the mouse resizes the window, without the button
> being held down.  Obviously a bug.
> Anyhow, I recall no one could pin down exactly how to reliably
> reproduce it on demand.  I just did:
> In FF57 open a couple of tabs.  Click the empty area to the right of
> the tabs, to the right of the "+" sign.  Then click one of the tab
> titles.  This causes the "click turns into a resize drag" bug
> instantly, every time.  At least for me on Fedora 26 anyhow.
> Anyone have a fix yet?

Dragging (= click and hold) should move the window, based in other
WM/desktop I had to interact recently. It's a new "feature", probably
needed because there is an obsession with getting rid of window
decorations... so some empty areas become a move handle... without any
visual clue, as not all spaces let you move windows.

As for the Sawfish "randomly stuck in resize with button released"
behaviour, I sent a possible solution to be tested along with what I
found while investigating (the thing hit multiple WMs and apps).

(The mail archive got confused with git patch and the attached file,
and split the extra into another email)

PS: And before sending this, I see others also have the issue and
Chris mentions my patch. Please test it, above mails give some
instructions, simplest one being copying a file.
PS2: Chris, the git patch has a missing "o" (gsromero@) just in case
you want to use it.

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