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In the window rule properties dialog non-Boolean settings have a check box before the value widget (text field, slider or whatever is appropriate for the type). The check box indicates whether the setting is active, i.e., the rule should apply it for matched windows. This is not explained in the dialog, but the value widget is only enabled when the check box is set, making the semantics somewhat discoverable or at least guessable.

However, Boolean settings only have a single check box, which is apparently supposed to be tristate: a minus sign indicates that the rule should not change the setting. So how do I set the check box to this state? Clicking only toggles between checked and blank.

I don't much like the tristate check box because it is inconsistent with the way other types are handled. Having two check boxes next to each other would also be confusing, perhaps more so. Maybe we should use something else as the Boolean value widget to distinguish it from the activation check box. The switch of GTK 3 would be just the thing, but with GTK 2 it would probably have to be a toggle button. Or we could use something other than a check box for indicating if a setting is active.

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