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On 20/05/2019 04.06, Roger Burrows wrote:
> On 19 May 2019 at 15:49, Charles Curley wrote:
>> I have it as ASCI HD2. ASCI HDs 0 and 1 are images I built fresh, and
>> they show up and work as C: and D:. All have extensions of ".img". I
>> also have a GEMDOS drive, which show up as E: whether I have the SCSI
>> image in the mix or not.
> I don't understand this.  There is only room for one ACSI HD image in my Hatari 
> "Hard disks" dialog, so you must be using some setup that I'm not familiar 
> with.  You had better get one of the real Hatari developers to answer your 
> question.

Which version of Hatari are you using, Roger? Support for multiple ACSI
HD images in the GUI has just been added in the latest version of Hatari

And Charles, could you please post an ASCII-dump of the first sector of
your failing hard disk image? Something like:

 dd if=disk.img bs=512 count=1 status=none | xxd

And please also post the log output of Hatari that you get when running
it with "--log-level debug" ?


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