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On 19 May 2019 at 14:16, Charles Curley wrote:

> I have pulled a hard drive image from a SCSI drive I once used on my
> ST. The host adapter was an ICD HA, so the partition table is ICD's
> extended partition table.
> I am using emutos from May 6, 2019.
> I tried simply adding the image to my Hatari environment; no go. I had
> no indication that Hatari even recognized the image.
> Where do I go from here?
I am assuming that you're using the ST or STe emulation of Hatari.

If you press F12 in Hatari, you get the Hatari main menu.  If you click on 
"Hard disks", you get the Hard disks dialog.  The ACSI drive image should be 
listed under "ACSI HD image:".  If it isn't, use the Browse button to select 
the image.  If it is, it's possible the problem is within EmuTOS: please post 
your request there, and I'll try to help.

> The Hatari documentation on "ACSI hard drive emulation" refers to
> several programs, such as HDX.PRG and packaged called AHDI. Are those
> useful here? And if so where do I get them?
These are the original Atari programs for hard drive support.  You do not need 
them with EmuTOS.

Roger Burrows

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