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On 20 May 2019 at 18:07, Thomas Huth wrote:

> On 20/05/2019 04.06, Roger Burrows wrote:
> > On 19 May 2019 at 15:49, Charles Curley wrote:
> >>
> >> I have it as ASCI HD2. ASCI HDs 0 and 1 are images I built fresh, and
> >> they show up and work as C: and D:. All have extensions of ".img". I
> >> also have a GEMDOS drive, which show up as E: whether I have the SCSI
> >> image in the mix or not.
> >>
> > I don't understand this.  There is only room for one ACSI HD image in my
> Hatari 
> > "Hard disks" dialog, so you must be using some setup that I'm not familiar
> > with.  You had better get one of the real Hatari developers to answer your
> > question.
> Which version of Hatari are you using, Roger? Support for multiple ACSI
> HD images in the GUI has just been added in the latest version of Hatari
It's v2.1.0 under Linux.  "hatari --version" shows that, and the "About" button 
in the GUI dialog (reached via F12) shows it too.  Perhaps I have an old GUI 
version running with a later hatari version?


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