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On lauantai 14 tammikuu 2012, Vincent Rivière wrote:
> Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > Why exactly Falcon&  TT screen sizes being different from the ST
> > emulated screen is bad?  Not just because it's a change to earlier
> > behavior?
> Personally I don't like big windows. The previous behavior was exactly
> what I expected.

Well, the default max zoom size would be easy to change back.

Others, what are your opinions on which one is a better default:
1. zooming Hatari window as large as there's space
   (given the integer scaling restriction)
2. restricting the zoom factor to same size as max ST window size,
   like it was in Hatari v1.4[1]

I might actually prefer 2) too.  I just don't remember was there some
specific reason in Hatari v1.5 to change the default max zoom limit
to desktop screen size...

> That autozooming feature would make sense when
> maximizing the window... But Hatari doesn't even have
> a Maximize window > button.

Are there any SDL programs that support that?  At least I don't remember
any that would support such a thing.

If setting SDL_VIDEORESIZE flag enables that window title button
and getting events from it in addtion to enabling resizing of windows,
then it might be possible to "support" such functionality.

Note that even if a maximize button functionality could be implemented
in SDL program, it wouldn't work like all the other apps.  In windowed mode
you don't want the maximized window to be integer scaled size closest to
desktop *screen size*, but *exactly* the desktop *work area* size.  AFAIK
even APIs for getting the desktop work are size AFAIK don't exist in SDL.

> What a pity. Non-maximized windows should have a normal, small
> size. Well, that's just my opinion.
> > [2] If you aren't happy with this, just specify your own max window
> > size in preferences.
> Many thanks, I'm happy again with that.
> But Hatari is becoming more and more counter-intuitive.

[1] Now that I checked, this change was already in Hatari v1.5.  You've
    probably just removed your Hatari configuration in the meanwhile i.e.
    lost your previous maximum zoom size settings.

	- Eero

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