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On lauantai 14 tammikuu 2012, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
>> I use Hatari 1.6.1 on Windows XP.
>> 2) With the default RGB mode: if I switch the machine type to Falcon
>> mode and reset, the window is abnormally zoomed, about 200%. If I
>> switch to TT the window is even more zoomed. This is either a big bug
>> or a very bad new feature.

Why exactly Falcon & TT screen sizes being different from the ST emulated
screen is bad?  Not just because it's a change to earlier behavior?

Hatari Videl emulation uses integer zooming factors and limits the zoomed
size to your monitor resolution.  I.e. by default it (now[1]) tries to
maximize the emulator window size given the integer scaling limitation.
To what size Hatari window is zoomed therefore depends on:
* The emulated resolution
* Your screen resolution
* The "max zoomed win" size in Hatari screen settings,
  if you've set[2] it smaller than your screen resolution

[1] In Hatari 1.5, the "max zoomed window" size preference was set to
    largest size that emulation could have for ST screen + borders
    (doubled).  Now it's limited only by the screen size.  See the
    configuration.c change here:

[2] If you aren't happy with this, just specify your own max window size
    in preferences.

>> 3) hatari_falcon.exe does not work at all: it hangs with a black Hatari
>> window with 100% CPU.
> I don't really use it, so I never noticed it before, but if you start it
> with :
> hatari_falcon.exe --machine falcon  --tos tos404.img
> or with emutos.img, it should work.
> Thomas, this used to start in hatari 1.5.0, not in hatari 1.6.0, do you
> have an idea if the patch for falcon monochrome could cause this ? I get
> the same problem under linux, starting 'hatari' 1.6 + winuae cpu without
> any parameter (-> stf mode + tos 1.04 in my case) locks the program.

Btw. I ran the TOS tester only for the old UAE core.

	- Eero

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