[hatari-users] Re: reverting Max window size setting to Hatari v1.4 size?

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On lauantai 14 tammikuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> On lauantai 14 tammikuu 2012, Vincent Rivière wrote:
> > Personally I don't like big windows. The previous behavior was exactly
> > what I expected.
> Well, the default max zoom size would be easy to change back.
> Others, what are your opinions on which one is a better default:
> 1. zooming Hatari window as large as there's space
>    (given the integer scaling restriction)

For TT & Falcon as only Videl code supports this.

> 2. restricting the zoom factor to same size as max ST window size,
>    like it was in Hatari v1.4
> ?
> I might actually prefer 2) too.  I just don't remember was there some
> specific reason in Hatari v1.5 to change the default max zoom limit
> to desktop screen size...

Does anybody object if I change the default max window size preference
back to 832x576 so that TT & Falcon machine window sizes are closer
to ST/STE window sizes?

The huge TT & Falcon screen sizes I get when I haven't specified
anything in Hatari config have started to bug me too.

People can nowadays have pretty huge resolutions and difference
in window size between ST and Falcon emulation is indeed disturbing.

	- Eero

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