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On sunnuntai 15 tammikuu 2012, Chris wrote:
> > > > you can see the problem here:
> > > > >
> > 
> > Is that a CRT monitor, not an LCD one?
> > What values you see in Hatari options screen dialog for
> > "max zoomed win"?
> > 
> > 1024x768

What if you set that to your monitor's desktop resolution?

> > > ST RGB mode with borders (I see the stretched screen) == 800x600
> > > ST RGB mode without borders == 1280x1024
> > 
> > Could you verify from the OSD info that?
> yes, its from the monitor's OSD

I guess your graphics driver (or SDL Windows version) is internally
scaling the Hatari window and requesting a larger resolution from your

Hatari definitely doesn't request a resolution like that for the ST mode
without borders, it asks for 640x400 resolution or one that is larger,
but closes to that.

> > > btw, I noticed that *if* I start the hatari having a desktop
> > > resolution 800x600 then everything is ok..
> > 
> > Could you describe more accurately what steps you mean and verify
> > what are the actual resolutions you get?
> > 
> > Do you mean starting Hatari in fullscreen without borders and
> > then switching borders on?
> yes (the problem exists on fullscreen mode only) 'stretched' screen
> exists only when the ST mode does have borders ON...

Only if you start with borders on instead of switching them on
when Hatari is already in fullscreen?  (I'm still not completely
sure what exactly your comment meant)

> Also, I just noticed, that setting the "max zoomed win" to 800x600 works
> ok on ST mode (with and without borders) *BUT* I have to change it back
> to 1024x768, or the TT/FALCON mode will be displayed rotated !! (90
> degrees) ;-}

I guess your video driver presents SDL also rotated video modes and
in that case Hatari finds one of the rotated ones to be closest to
the requested Atari resolution that still fits within the 800x600
size preference.

If you never want the rotated modes, disable them from your video
driver settings if it has such a setting.

If you run Hatari from the terminal, you should see output telling
the requested Atari resolution and resolution available to SDL which
Hatari selected.  Is it something where width<height?

	- Eero

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