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Vincent Rivière wrote:
I suspect the FDC delays using a wrong clock in Falcon mode (at least

The FDC delays are always wrong in Falcon mode, regardless to the CPU type or speed.

If I detect the floppy drives with a Restore command using "Disable spin-up sequence", it works fine in any case.

In my previous test (with enable spin-up sequence), it takes longer to restore the first drive because the motor has to spin-up. Then it is faster for the second drive (since both drives share the same motor flag in Hatari ??). Since the timeout value is too tight in EmuTOS, that spin-up time on Falcon is enough to cause failure on drive detection.

That being said:

1) I hope you agree Hatari has wrong FDC timings in Falcon mode.

2) I'm going to follow your advices and set the EmuTOS timeout value to 2.5 seconds (or 3 ?) instead of the current 1.5 seconds which may be too tight in the real world for restore commands with spin-up.

3) I'm considering changing EmuTOS to detect floppy drives with a Restore command with spin-up sequence disabled. Do you think this is a sensible idea ?

Vincent Rivière

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