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Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Yes, ide.c can set the same FDC/HDC irq bit, but if you don't use the HD
while probing floppy, it should not matter.

Ok. I asked that because on the FireBee, without accessing the IDE hardware, my CompactFlash card spontaneously triggered an IRQ after reset. From what you say, that should not occur on Hatari.

Can you try to test for B: first and then A, to see if this invert the
delay you measure or not ?

Good idea.

First I disabled the cartridge support in EmuTOS to avoid that damn floppy drvbits hacking.
I tried your suggestion and... A: is detected, but not B: !!
So the first initialized drive takes a long time to restore, then the second one quickly restores.

I'm going to put more traces in EmuTOS to see what is going on.

Vincent Rivière

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