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On 23/12/2011 22:10, Vincent Rivière wrote:
Vincent Rivière wrote:
2) About the A: problems, it was actually a timeout issue! On Hatari in
Falcon mode, a Restore (goto track 0) command on A: takes about 2.5
seconds, while in any other cases (including drive B: in Falcon mode !)
it takes less than 1.5 seconds. So I will increase the EmuTOS timeout.
Does this make sense ?

Oh, I remember I had similar trouble on the FireBee (which emulates
Falcon hardware). When probing the floppy drives, EmuTOS actually waits
for an IRQ, whatever the cause. The IDE and floppy share the same IRQ on
Falcon. I had trouble on the FireBee because a few seconds after reset,
the CompactFlash card (actually an IDE device) issued an IRQ for an
unknown cause (probably something like "I'm ready to operate"). That
interfered with EmuTOS floppy detection routine.

Does Hatari emulates such IDE IRQs, or some other interrupts which could
interfere with the floppy ? That could explain why I have trouble with
A: and not B: (which is detected a bit later)...

Yes, ide.c can set the same FDC/HDC irq bit, but if you don't use the HD while probing floppy, it should not matter.

Can you try to test for B: first and then A, to see if this invert the delay you measure or not ?

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