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Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Hatari enables two drives and fill the os values accordingly.

I understand that Hatari has to hack drvbits and trap #1 to enable the C: GEMDOS drive emulation. But does it also hook something about the floppy drives ? If not, Hatari should not change the drvbits related to floppies.

 From an FDC level, we really support 2 drives, so I don't think that's
a problem to force the values in the OS.

The OS may not want to use the 2 floppy drives. I have added an option to EmuTOS to totally ignore the FDC. Hatari hacks drvbits so the A: and B: icons appears on the desktop. Of course double-clicking them does nothing because the FDC routines are not present. Hatari should not hack the floppy drvbits if it does not also hook the read/write routines.

Though, we could have a switch to optionaly enable drive B: or not in
case the user really want to emulate only 1 drive.

In that case, EmuTOS will continue to cleanly autodetect the presence of the second floppy drive on the FDC, and the B: icon will automatically appear if it is present.

Please remove that drvbits hack if this is not strictly required by Hatari.

Vincent Rivière

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