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On 7.3.2023 18.08, Matthias Arndt wrote:
I am puzzled about this as a user.

I always thought there was only one autofire option from the GUI and
handled in joystick subsystem back from WinSTon.

There is only one autofire *option* (for fire buttons) in Hatari.

The space bar autofire was only active if there was no physical
joystick/joypad in use, only if keyboard emulation of the joystick was

Autofire option works regardless of joystick type (by simulating fire button release at suitable intervals).

If a physical joystick was in use, button 2 always was the autofire
one. (Or remapped to up with my patch).
Currently button 2 spacebar functionality autofires space key presses *unconditionally* in Hatari.

I might be wrong on WinSTon's behaviour, it's been so long ago.

My question is whether there was some point in that space key auto firing.

E.g. some games that support (also) joystick for movements, but only space key for firing.

Or games with keyboard input, where user would want to joystick for space key *in auto-fire* mode, e.g. because pressing that many keys at the same time is not well supported by PC keyboard.

To my mind those sound pretty far-fetched use-cases though, compared just being able use joystick to generate *one* key press for "press key to start/continue" at the start of some games.

I would suggest to remove it from the keyboard only joystick handler as
I think serious gamers all use physical gamepads these days and others
probably won't miss the functionality. Esp. when someone reports a
problem with this.

Ok, I'll push my patch, after I've added SDL GUI option for switching between button between space key and jump functionality, and documenting it.

	- Eero

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