Re: [hatari-devel] Fix for joy button 2 space key emulation "auto-fire"

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Based on discussion in the "Joystick jump/space setting" thread, I've now pushed this + patches enabling that option to all joysticks (as it could already be configured for all of them) and adding that option to SDL Joystick dialog + fixing some inconsistencies in CPU dialog looks (compared to other dialogs).

I've also updated documentation. It did not earlier mention the "jump" option / functionality, nor button 3 acting (always) as autofire button.

	- Eero

On 6.3.2023 20.59, Eero Tamminen wrote:
Currently (default) joy button 2 space key emulation works like auto-fire.

I do not see how this could be the expected behavior, but in most situation user probably does not notice it, because games read only the first space key press.

However, in some other games it is a real problem:

Attached patch fixes that, and actually simplifies the code.

Comments?  Potential problems from this?

     - Eero

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