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2 weeks gone with no comments?

I'm especially interested whether the TOS check criteria looks OK, i.e. doing the country code setting only for multilanguage TOS (= unmodified EmuTOS 1024k, or older 512k, and TOS v4) versions.

And setting PAL/NTSC based on whether it's US country code, like EmuTOS tos-lang-change tool does.

And whether the LANG thing is actually good idea..


	- Eero

On 12.5.2022 21.49, Eero Tamminen wrote:
Attached is implementation for what I proposed.


     - Eero

On 8.5.2022 20.12, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 7.5.2022 12.46, Thomas Huth wrote:
Am Sat, 7 May 2022 10:35:46 +0200
schrieb Christian Zietz <czietz@xxxxxxx>:
Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:
for a next EmuTOS version, could there be a way to choose language from the boot screen too ? This would make it easier for people using stf/ste mode where there's no nvram to choose a different language from english
at boot.

Funny, I intended to ask *you* a similar question in my previous mail --
but I forgot to include it.

Could a future Hatari release offer a way to choose the language via its
configuration options?

FYI: new Hatari version has "nLanguage" and "nKbdLayout" settings in the configuration "Keyboard" section, which can be set to desired country code (-1=unset).

One can use "--language" and "--layout" command line options to set them (before saving config):
$ hatari --language foo
Unrecognized language code 'foo'!

TOS v4 supports:
- us : USA
- de : Germany
- fr : France
- uk : United Kingdom
- es : Spain
- it : Italy
- se : Sweden

EmuTOS 1024k (v1.1.x) supports also:
- ch_fr : Switzerland (French)
- ch_de : Switzerland (German)
- tr : Turkey
- fi : Finland
- no : Norway
- dk : Denmark
- sa : Saudi Arabia
- nl : Holland
- cs : Czech Republic
- hu : Hungary
- ru : Russia
- gr : Greece

Basically, the 1024k ROM is an "emulator-only" version of EmuTOS [1], as no Atari machine supports 1024k ROMs. And we created this multi-language
ROM mainly for the benefit of emulators not having to ship N different
language versions.

Anyway, I'm Cc'ing your question to the EmuTOS list, since I'm not sure
if EmuTOS would even support a language change at runtime. As soon as
the boot screen is shown, one language has obviously already been selected.

I think the best way would be to patch the ROM header of EmuTOS in Hatari according to the LANG environment variable. IIRC EmuTOS honors the language setting in the ROM header, too, so that would be an easy solution as far as
I can tell.

As there's already Hatari config & CLI options support for the NVRAM setting and 2-letter country code => TOS country code value mapping code, adding LANG parsing + setting TOS header value should not be much additional code.

The problem with the OS header country code is that it affects *both* language and keyboard layout, but:
* LANG env var is only about language
* quite a few people want keyboard setting different from language setting

IMHO clearest would be to:
* Default Keyboard.nLanguage to a country code  based on LANG i.e. it would normally just affect NVRAM setting * Set OS header country code only when both Keyboard.nLanguage and Keyboard.nKbdLayout values match

     - Eero

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