Re: [hatari-devel] which version of emutos for next Hatari ?

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Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:

for a next EmuTOS version, could there be a way to choose language from
the boot screen too ? This would make it easier for people using stf/ste
mode where there's no nvram to choose a different language from english
at boot.

Funny, I intended to ask *you* a similar question in my previous mail --
but I forgot to include it.

Could a future Hatari release offer a way to choose the language via its
configuration options?

Basically, the 1024k ROM is an "emulator-only" version of EmuTOS [1], as
no Atari machine supports 1024k ROMs. And we created this multi-language
ROM mainly for the benefit of emulators not having to ship N different
language versions.

Anyway, I'm Cc'ing your question to the EmuTOS list, since I'm not sure
if EmuTOS would even support a language change at runtime. As soon as
the boot screen is shown, one language has obviously already been selected..


[1] As noted here:
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