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On 24.10.2021 16.58, Paweł Góralski wrote:
W dniu 24.10.2021 o 15:07, Eero Tamminen pisze:
Hatari has a shell script that inserts Atari
program arguments to its basepage using debugger
and conditional breakpoints:

 > Best i could think of is to write the parameters to some file, then starting a
 > small tool that reads that file and starts the actual program.

Before Hatari debugger had the necessary support
for inserting stuff to basepage, I used another
script that writes startup script for Gulam shell
[1] and then auto-starts Gulam with Hatari, like
     echo "c:\\$prg $args" > gulam.g
     hatari ./gulam.prg

Thanks, I haven't seen this approach yet.

Can you run shell scripts on Windows?

So it would be great if standalone version of
EmuCON2 would also support executing commands from
a file when it starts (e.g. from "emucon2.ini").
I wasn't aware that there is a stand alone version.

EmuCON does not fit into 192K version of EmuTOS,
so it is offered as a separate Atari program.

See emutos-prg:

>> However, last time I tried to push patch for
>> that, it was not accepted.
Why it wasn't accepted? It would be good alternative I think.

At that point Roger (EmuTOS main maintainer
and EmuCON author) wanted to keep EmuCON minimal
and not add such support even for standalone
version.  Others were not interested about such
support back then either.

Later in 2019, Duncan Drysdale posted his own
patch which supported executing commands from
a "BAT" file also in EmuCON command prompt.

At that point there was interest also from others
and Roger was more accepting for small EmuCON
improvements.  But that thing petered out before
it was massaged to a state where it would be
considered for EmuCON / EmuTOS inclusion.

	- Eero

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