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W dniu 24.10.2021 o 15:07, Eero Tamminen pisze:
Hatari has a shell script that inserts Atari
program arguments to its basepage using debugger
and conditional breakpoints:

> Best i could think of is to write the parameters to some file, then starting a
 > small tool that reads that file and starts the actual program.

Before Hatari debugger had the necessary support
for inserting stuff to basepage, I used another
script that writes startup script for Gulam shell
[1] and then auto-starts Gulam with Hatari, like
     echo "c:\\$prg $args" > gulam.g
     hatari ./gulam.prg

Thanks, I haven't seen this approach yet.

So it would be great if standalone version of
EmuCON2 would also support executing commands from
a file when it starts (e.g. from "emucon2.ini").

However, last time I tried to push patches for
that, they were not accepted.
I wasn't aware that there is a stand alone version. Why it wasn't accepted? It would be good alternative I think.

 > Secondly, anyone has any successes with building Hatari with Visual
 > Studio and CMake (VS2019 should have c99 support as far I know)? Any
 > show stoppers before I dive in? On first glance SDL2 and other
 > dependencies prebuild dependencies should be setup (without pkg-config)
 > along with VS2019 custom flags.

Now that Microsoft is pushing WSL so much, maybe
best way is to build Hatari for Linux and run
it under WSL no Windows? :-)
Yes, I'm aware of WSL1/2 hype, it should handle graphical gui's too (at last WSL2). I could go also with Docker image with Linux / preset tools and dependencies or just going 100% Linux. Generating solution for VS would be nice, especially when M$ incorporated c99/11 after all these years of ignoring it :). I would prefer more direct program building, but I rethink this.


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