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On 21.5.2021 13.30, Thomas Huth wrote:
On 21/05/2021 00.27, Eero Tamminen wrote:
Thanks, I've pushed that commit.

FYI, looks like this caused a build failure in the MinGW CI job:


(By making ifdefs guard more accurate,
instead adding the "inline" keyword back.
I hadn't realized you had added "inline"
keyword just to hide that GCC warning.)

See attached patch.   Comments?

I agree with Nicolas, let's keep away from autogenerating them / adding more dependencies on external tools.

So if we want to re-order the defines, too, maybe it's best to go through an intermediate step with an enum instead, i.e.:

enum {

and then:

#define    TRACE_VIDEO_RES      (1 << TRACE_VIDEO_RES_BIT)

What do you think?

It's one more thing to update when adding new
trace option (there can't be that many additional
ones anymore, can there?), but commits keep
smaller so I'll change it to work like that.

	- Eero

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