Re: [hatari-devel] SCC support (was: Network support for Hatari)

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On 12.5.2021 22.47, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 11/05/2021 à 23:44, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

- ARAnyM uses AutoVector Interrupt #3 for the reception thread, and calls TriggerInt3() for this purpose. In Hatari, i translated that to a call to
M68000_Exception(), i hope this is the right thing to do

You're doing that both for #3/SCC + #5/VME in hatari-glue.c::intlev() & newcpu.c::iack_cycle().

I'm wondering why SCC case wasn't already in use
as we have some SCC support already.


I guess that it's because SCC emulation is not complete yet ; it might be enough to make TOS happy, but some part to set global interrupt at the cpu level might not be emulated yet to set intlev to 3 (for example, SCC_doInterrupt() is defined, but never called from anywhere)

I see.

Btw. where the interrupt vectors are set?

On quick grepping I didn't see anything handling
TT-SCC interrupt vectors ($180-$1BC) either:

For some reason scc.c sources use its own
(ifdeffed out) macros for getting output of SCC
usage instead of using Hatari TRACE macros.

Any objections if I add "scc" trace option,
and change those ifdeffed out macros to trace

	- Eero

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