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Hi Thomas,

On 15.5.2021 14.01, Thomas Huth wrote:
I'm currently not working on the SCC code anymore. It was just a quick-n-dirty adaption of the SCC code from Aranym to get rid of the bus error problem that we had with the TT IO memory map. The current status is just enough for outputting some bytes. Interrupts have not been wired up yet, and the D(bug()) stuff is also just there because it has been copied over from Aranym. If someone wants to work on this code and implement interrupts or rework the debug printing, be my guest, I currently don't have any local modifications to that file.

Debug macros were a mix of different things, so I
converted them to SCC trace and DEBUG & WARN level
log outputs.

I also removed Init()/UnInit() debug output and
added output to reset functions (and removed superfluous "inline" from one static function).

Does the mapping in the attached patch look reasonable enough to push?

(Only testing I did for it was EmuTOS boot on TT
& Linux boot on Falcon.)

Btw. There's also another, preliminary patch
that sorts trace options for trace help output.

Any objections on that?

	- Eero

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