Re: [hatari-devel] My cross-compiling experience (was: ikbd.c: missing #include <inttypes.h)

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Thomas Huth schrieb:

>> Le 01/05/2020 à 20:29, Christian Zietz a écrit :
>> > yet again, I'm trying to compile Hatari from source myself, a
>> > complicated task.
> Which environment? Windows? Msys? Cygwin?

Debian Linux (actually, running under Windows Subsystem for Linux, but
that should not matter here). But cross-compiling for Windows using the
mingw-w64 toolchain.

Besides the issue with ikbd.c, it was just frustrating troubleshooting
that was required. E.g. I found out by looking at FindSDL2.cmake that I
could set the SDL2DIR environment variable to point at SDL2. (Obviously,
when cross-compiling, you cannot used Debian's Linux version of SDL2.)
But that simply wouldn't work, until I noticed (again by looking through
the cmake files until I found something) that /mingw is prepended to
*every* path. So when I set SDL2DIR to /home/czietz/SDL2 it was instead
looking in /mingw/home/czietz/SDL2.

I must have missed these details in the "Compiling Hatari" section of
the manual. ;-) Anyway, after having spent (again) some hours, something
incredible has happened: I can build hatari.exe!

I still get quite a number of warning during compilation, but maybe this
is to be expected since the binary appears to be running correctly.

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