Re: [hatari-devel] ikbd.c: missing #include <inttypes.h>

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Le 02/05/2020 à 06:31, Thomas Huth a écrit :

Yes. It apparently wasn't necessary in the typical Linux build
environments (since this header was likely included by another system
header), and according to our CI, it even did not cause trouble on
FreeBSD and macOS to omit it, but it's certainly the right way to
include it here.


BTW, we have several system includes duplicated in several .c files (for example inttypes.h, unistd.h, ctype.h, ...). Would it make sense to have a global.h file that would include these systems includes and then just include global.h in our .c files ?

This way it's less likely we forget to include one system file in a .c file as everything would be centralized in one place (+ we could add OS ifdef in this global.h file (or whatever we name it), such as HAVE_UTIME, HAVE_STAT and so on)


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