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----- On Mar 28, 2020, at 5:54 PM, Eero Tamminen oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,

> On 3/28/20 9:17 PM, th.huth@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Am 13.03.2020 23:26 schrieb Eero Tamminen:
> >> Ok, I'll wait until Thomas is back and has
> >> commented on it, and if everything looks OK,
> >> include it for the release.


> >> To get 320x200 window for ST-low with the patch
> >> set on SDL2, one would need to limit Hatari max
> >> window size to <640x400, and set Zoom factor to 1.
> >> I think that change is acceptable now that GPUs
> >> and high resolutions are common.

> > That sounds pretty confusing, too.

> It's something that almost nobody should need or
> want. Even with my 10 year old monitor, smallest
> supported resolution is 640x480.

I Have a monitor like this one. However, I have an All-In-Wonder
Radeon video card from 2003 that doubles the resolution so that
this monitor displays 320x200 in the 640x400 mode.

Hatari should keep the native resolutions of the ST so that future
hardware (or even SDL2 can handle this situation).

I have never liked the scan doubling feature (please don't make this
non-optional) in Hatari because it is not Hatari's job to do video processing.
This should be done by SDL2 (if it doesn't already support this), or done by
the operating system or extra hardware.

> Only use-case I can think where user would
> actually want 320x200 resolution for ST-low,
> is for video recording, due to PNG compression
> overhead, but I can update "video-recording.txt"
> to document that.

> > ... Then hatari can decide completely internally
> > wether the x2 low res renderes should be used or
> > not...

> - Eero

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