Re: [hatari-devel] MEMWATCH freezes Hatari

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> This might be due to TTram, at the moment its setting are not correctly 
> saved to memory snapshot (I already had a patch to commit for this, but 
> I was caught by these MMU problems :) )
> Can you try again with no TTRAM, only 4 or 8 MB os ST RAM : start hatari 
> with defaults, save snapshot again and try if you can restore snapshot 
> and open drive A without bombs this time ?

ROMSPEED without TT-RAM? ;-) Remember, ROMSPEED copies the ROM into
TT-RAM because on real hardware TOS executes faster when it's located in

I uploaded a full compressed log (330 MB), which I created by not using
a snapshot but just logging everything until the double bus fault. You
should be able to download it with this link:

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