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Thomas Huth schrieb:

> What problems did you encounter? It should work if you use MinGW with
> MSYS ... and I once even compiled it with Visual Studio (though that
> was quite a pain, indeed).

I used MinGW/MSYS. But it was quite time consuming finding correct
versions of the different libraries, then getting CMake to find said
libraries and in the end the resulting Hatari binary didn't even work.
See this e-mail related to the last problem:

To be fair, all my efforts were over a year ago, maybe the situation has
improved in the meantime. But right now, if I want to test a current
build, I rely on

> That one is a little bit more complicated. The scancode is called
> SDL_SCANCODE_BACKSLASH and I've seen also some pictures where the
> backslash seems to be on the key with the scancode 0x60 on US key-
> boards. However, we also already map SDL_SCANCODE_NONUSBACKSLASH
> to that key, and do not have any entry for 0x29 yet. So I think
> it's likely ok to map BACKSLASH to 0x29 and use NONUSBACKSLASH for
> 0x60, thus I also included now that change. I'd appreciate some
> testing from folks with a US keyboard now to see whether they
> still can type all keys or whether they miss something in the
> scancode mapping mode...

I'm afraid I'm also not 100% sure which scancodes are produced by US PC
keyboards -- they differ from the rest of the world, as you already
pointed out. Unfortunately, I don't have a US keyboard to test, either.

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