Re: [hatari-devel] Building Hatari 2.xx on Windows platform (?)

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Douglas Little schrieb:

> The SDL2 crash was seen using the latest libs for mingw (via cygwin
> setup). Not sure what's wrong there but SDL1 seems to work ok in any case.

Some time ago, I also built Hatari (from the Mercurial repo and rather
painlessly) under Windows using MinGW. In order for the SDL2 build not
to crash after startup, I had to make sure that the preprocessor macro
SDL_MAIN_HANDLED was defined during compilation. I did this via a change
to CMakeLists.txt:

+       add_definitions(-DSDL_MAIN_HANDLED=1)

I never really investigated what happened; so I didn't report it,
either. I think the basic idea behind SDL_MAIN_HANDLED is explained
here: <>. But since I do
not know much about SDL, I cannot say what goes wrong with Hatari when
the macro is not defined.

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