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Le 03/05/2018 à 00:00, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 05/02/2018 11:28 AM, tin@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
That said: since I should write tests for whatever NatFeats get accepted, I would like to add an "examples" package in C and ASM to show users its usage (and greatness) and give them some code wrappers to use in their own projects. Do any of you see any chance to provide sth like this included into the release packages?

NF api test-code already has the required base ASM to do NF calls.
If you want to add similar example code for some assembler that
isn't supported by current assembly examples, I don't see any
problem in adding that.

And if certain NF api is implemented by Hatari, there *should* be
minimal(!), documented C test-code for it.

However, more extended examples are probably better distributed
separately, regardless how how nicely they demonstrate Hatari

(This is e.g. the case with NF_SCSIDRV, example on use of that
is the driver provided by Uwe on his own site.)

Nicolas, Laurent, Thomas, any comments on this?


sorry, I've beeen rather busy recently and didn't have time to answer the topics where I was named.

Regarding NF, I have no opinion if such or such feature should be added ; as long as it's documented and useful to other people, it's fine with me.

For example, the NF call to retrieve vbl number/cycles/line pos/... seems like a good idea to me (note that in such case, video mode should also be reported, as interpreting the values might depend on the refresh rate for example)

As those values are "local" to the curret vbl, an unsigned 32 bit value should be enough for the number of cycles in the frame. All other values can be stored on 32 bit values too (easier to access as an array).


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