Re: [hatari-devel] Recent Hatari change problems

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Am Wed, 25 Apr 2018 01:17:59 +0300
schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> I commited updated version of the change and some other
> output reductions for the default log level.


> Few of these probably should also be using Log_Printf():
> 	grep printf src/*.c|grep -i warn

Yes, they need closer manual inspection, but we should likely convert
them to Log_Printf, too.

> I also reverted the broken CMake test for bashisms.
> Don't use find.  In my case your test wanted to wrangle with ~500
> shell scripts (I have some of my own tests stuff in subdirectories
> in my local Hatari Mercurial repo, and they include symlinks
> elsewhere).

I hope you found some more bashisms that way :-D

> If you don't want to explicitly list the relevant
> files, limit them to the files in the repository:
> 	hg files | grep '\.sh$'
> Or:
> 	hg files -I 're:.*\.sh$'
> (I tried fixing that, but after that CMake complained about
> the REGEX lines which I didn't touch so I gave up.)
> As all the shell files are now fine, I think best would be
> to have *one* test (script) that checks all shell scripts

Yes, makes sense. I was also not very happy about having to
encode the file name as test name, so I've put the stuff now
into a separate script as you suggested.

> If you check shell scripts, you might also consider checking
> relevant Python scripts for v2 & v3 compatibility:
> 	hg files | grep '\.py$' | grep -v python-ui
> (Python-UI is Python v2 only due to PyGtk dependency.)

Python 2 will be end of life in 2020 ... so do you already have
any plans to replace that?

> Not sure what's the best way for that though.  For example:
> 	pylint --disable=all --reports=n --enable=E

Sorry, I've got no clue about Python and pylint, so don't expect
any test from my side.


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