[hatari-devel] Recent Hatari change problems

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Hi Thomas,

You have been doing some changes to the command line options,
e.g. changing --xbios-intercept from toggle to just unconditionally
enabling it.

Note that all command line options are also options for the debugger.
Things that you toggle on from command line, can be toggled off from
debugger.  The earlier functionality was:
$ ./src/hatari --bios-intercept
XBios 11/20/255 Hatari versions enabled: Dbmsg(), Scrdmp(), HatariControl().
You have entered debug mode. Type c to continue emulation, h for help.
> setopt --bios-intercept
XBios 11/20/255 Hatari versions disabled.

E.g. -D option is the same.  You toggle it from the debugger
(or from something that calls debugger through the Hatari control

	- Eero

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