Re: [hatari-devel] Recent Hatari change problems

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On 11.04.2018 01:23, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> You have been doing some changes to the command line options,
> e.g. changing --xbios-intercept from toggle to just unconditionally
> enabling it.
> Note that all command line options are also options for the debugger.
> Things that you toggle on from command line, can be toggled off from
> debugger.  The earlier functionality was:
> ----------------------
> $ ./src/hatari --bios-intercept
> XBios 11/20/255 Hatari versions enabled: Dbmsg(), Scrdmp(),
> HatariControl().
> ...
> You have entered debug mode. Type c to continue emulation, h for help.
> ...
>> setopt --bios-intercept
> XBios 11/20/255 Hatari versions disabled.

Ah, ok, now it makes more sense that this option was written in such a
cumbersome way ;-)

Anyway, "toggling" is a bad idea here, since the users first have to
change the option to know in which state it was. I've now changed it to
a proper "boolean" option ("--bios-intercept on|off") which should be
more straight forward and fix this problem.


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