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On 18.06.2017 16:16, Troed Sångberg wrote:
> I re-iterate that the current aspect ratio is wrong

I think no one denies that - it's just that nobody had time to implement
correct aspect ratio in Hatari yet ;-)

> Atari pixels are
> 0.9/1 and anyone who cares about round objects looking round either when
> developing in Hatari for use on target, or for watching stuff made on
> target long ago on a modern monitor, you _need_ to change the aspect ratio.

By the way, I think the same aspect ratio problem also applies to DVD
video. If you've got some spare time, have a look at Monty's talk here:

So if that info in that video is right, the correct ratio is likely
10:11 (instead of 9:10).


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