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Douglas, thank you very much for your efforts! I think this will be very useful. But it would make things much easier, if on error it would also print the operands. Then i could reproduce the bug using the operands and step through the code until finding the failing part. I'd not need to do that from the guest system, but just call the failing routines directly.

I think the problem with this is that some of the tests contain multiple instructions and operands. It's not a 1:1 literal mapping of tests to instructions. So it would be tricky to print the right information for each point in each test. That could probably be fixed by breaking up the tests more - but supporting this kind of thing properly would really need a better diagnostic test design.

I'll have a look and see whats involved - i can probably make it easier to at least get the operand sources inside the error handler. But it will still require some manual effort to reproduce the failure case offline using that data as it is used in the tests.


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