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But now it does not pause and wait for key when test fails like
previously, could you put it back? (at least optionally) Or at least
wait for key after each page of test fail output. It is easier to fix
the first error, then retry, fix next and so on.

Ok I can add that back in, although it will probably have to be in the exception which reports the error - there are now too many places to insert the wait-key otherwise.

Did the tests also change? Now it lists huge amount of failed tests
compared to previous version. Previously neg/abs test was first that failed..

No but the errors are now reported with much finer resolution - previously an error would be reported at the end of a full test, if the combined hash was incorrect. Now it reports an error on each individual result word that is incorrect - hundreds of times more reports (potentially). It also reports the result words (and expected values) as hex when they are not a match.

However if a different pattern of test *groups* are failing I'll investigate - I did not change the tests so I would not expect that to happen. I only confirmed the tests all pass on real HW (and some fail when run against emulation)..


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