Re: [hatari-devel] Bus Error fault address in 24-bit

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Le 22/01/2017 à 19:20, Christian Zietz a écrit :
Vincent Rivière schrieb:

I suspect it is a Hatari bug in 24-bit address mode. It should be checked on
real hardware, but unfortunately I have none right now.

One way to test is to use the EmuTOS floppy as OS:
- run buserr.tos
- see the panic message.

I can confirm that it shows addr=ffffddee on a real 1040STf with EmuTOS.
So probably there's something wrong with Hatari.


there was an error when accessing IO regs, in case of a bus error only the lowest 24 bits were stored in the stack (but it was correct when doing bus error in other memory regions, for example at $410000)

This is fixed in latest dev version


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