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>     Did the tests also change? Now it lists huge amount of failed tests
>     compared to previous version. Previously neg/abs test was first that
>     failed.
> No but the errors are now reported with much finer resolution -
> previously an error would be reported at the end of a full test, if the
> combined hash was incorrect. Now it reports an error on each individual
> result word that is incorrect - hundreds of times more reports
> (potentially). It also reports the result words (and expected values) as
> hex when they are not a match.

Results are same, first passed tests just scrolled so quickly that I
thought they caused the errors.

This update fixed fabs (and fneg) tests:

static void fp_abs(fpdata *a, fpdata *dst)
	if (floatx80_invalid_encoding(a->fpx)) {
		float_raise(float_flag_invalid, &fs);
		dst->fpx = floatx80_default_nan(&fs);
	uint64_t aSig = extractFloatx80Frac(a->fpx);
	int32_t aExp = extractFloatx80Exp(a->fpx);
	if (aExp == 0x7FFF && (uint64_t)(aSig << 1)) {
		dst->fpx = propagateFloatx80NaN(a->fpx, a->fpx, &fs);
	dst->fpx = floatx80_abs(a->fpx);

btw, fabs/fneg test never triggers floatx80_invalid_encoding() check.

fsgldiv/fsglmul still is incorrect but I'll wait for pause when error
option first.

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