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Le 30/10/2016 à 12:47, Jerome Vernet a écrit :
Le 30/10/2016 à 10:50, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

bCompatibleFPU is mapped to WinUAE's "fpu_strict" variable, which is
only used when JIT is enabled.

Oh, so it's completely useless currently.
I also removed this option from gui-osx.
Also changed gui_osx_pause, added the "visualize" option, even if I do
not know what this option do.

Can you add my change to the repo ? See the diff file.


thanks for the changes, I applied them to the repo.

According to the diff, the file src/gui-osx/Hatari.icns has changed too ; can you sent it ? (diff didn't include the binary files)


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