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On 10/17/2016 07:46 PM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Regarding those todo :

- Finish upgrading the CPU core of Hatari to the latest WinUAE
  which has better cycle accuracy needed by some programs:
        - Add Exception debugging support
        - Instead of calling Reset_Cold()/m68k_reset()/uae_reset()
          directly from newcpu.c, show user a notice (dialog)
          about what happened and let user do the reboot
          (see "Emulation reset, old-UAE vs. WinUAE core" mail-thread)
        - Make WinUAE core ST/STE emulation as good as with old UAE core
        - Document cmdline options for selecting prefetch etc
          once they're stable

- what does exception debugging support means ?

Being able to drop into debugger when exception happens
and to specify on which exceptions it happens.

E.g. getting into debugger at TOS startup also with
WinUAE CPU core, if one uses "--debug-except all -D"

I added that sometime after last release, and on quick
check it would seem to still work.

- I don't see any more call to reset directly, we have a dialog in case
"halt" is reached, so point 2 could be removed.
- point 3 is done

Yes, all of those can be removed.

- point 4 seems done too ? At least the doc mentions the accuracy
difference between prefetch and cycle exact.

I think this note was from Laurent because he'd said
that current options are "just place holders".

I'm OK with all of them except "--fpu-type".
That option should really be named just "--fpu"
(I never remember that it requires "-type").

- Disable VDI mode for TOS v4 as it doesn't support it (and VDI mode
  is redundant as Falcon's Videl allows similar resolutions)

-> I added a warning dialog for this ; should we consider it's enough
and really disable VDI choice in falcon mode ?

I think it's enough.

- Add support for hardware accelerated zooming with
  SDL YUV overlays or OpenGL

-> now that we have SDL2, I think we can remove this one


Could following items also be removed:

- Fix falcon sound quality (sound is sometimes noisy).
  Sound is also toggling between nice to noise with some demos.

-> You just fixed this, I think the issues caused by CPU<->DSP
   cycle in-accuracy is separate issue.

- The "memvalid" system variables currently have to be patched in most cases. For improved compatibility (e.g. the game "Yolanda") it would be better to
  skip this step, but we then run into multiple other problems

        - Direct 16-bit & 32-bit support for monochrome and VDI modes
          (currently they're converted through 8-bit surface)
-> Thomas already removed all 8-bit support, so I guess
   this is done?

- When playing Tautology 2 I noticed the mod player sound goes in and out of
sync. fading into crackle and back. (Using Hatari 1.4 with TOS 4.04 on Mac
  OS X 10.6.5)

-> I could check this.

	- Eero

PS. I can update the compatibility list next weekend
(check the programs marked 1.9+ and change that to 2.0).

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