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Le 17/10/2016 à 10:56, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 16/10/2016 à 22:45, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
Hi Nicolas,

Are you still planning to state saving rewrite before 2.0


no, this will be after 2.0, else it would delay it again.

There are some remaining tasks at least for documentation:
* Change 1.9+ in compat list to new version number
  (and check that few of those earlier fixed still work)
* Complete release notes.  I think at least some things
  that Thomas did which might not yet be there (SCU/VME,
* todo.txt needs a lot of updates also, several listed
  items have been dealt with

I will look at todo.txt to remove entries ; Thomas, could you check if
release.txt includes your changes ?

Regarding those todo :

- Finish upgrading the CPU core of Hatari to the latest WinUAE
  which has better cycle accuracy needed by some programs:
        - Add Exception debugging support
        - Instead of calling Reset_Cold()/m68k_reset()/uae_reset()
          directly from newcpu.c, show user a notice (dialog)
          about what happened and let user do the reboot
          (see "Emulation reset, old-UAE vs. WinUAE core" mail-thread)
        - Make WinUAE core ST/STE emulation as good as with old UAE core
        - Document cmdline options for selecting prefetch etc
          once they're stable

- what does exception debugging support means ?
- I don't see any more call to reset directly, we have a dialog in case "halt" is reached, so point 2 could be removed.
- point 3 is done
- point 4 seems done too ? At least the doc mentions the accuracy difference between prefetch and cycle exact.

- Disable VDI mode for TOS v4 as it doesn't support it (and VDI mode
  is redundant as Falcon's Videl allows similar resolutions)

-> I added a warning dialog for this ; should we consider it's enough and really disable VDI choice in falcon mode ?

- Add support for hardware accelerated zooming with
  SDL YUV overlays or OpenGL

-> now that we have SDL2, I think we can remove this one


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