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On 15/05/2016 à 08:26, Thomas Huth wrote:
Hm, ok, maybe it makes sense to keep the blitter option, since a
blitter could be added to the original STs, too.


But does it really make sense to keep the RTC option? Was it possible
to solder an RTC into a plain ST/STE ? I think the RTC was only
available in the Mega machines, wasn't it? So it does not make too much
sense to provide this option for the plain ST and STE machines, too,
does it?

If you want to stick to real Atari hardware, it does not make sense.
But if Hatari wants to be better and more versatile (just like WinUAE), then that's a cool option.

As a long term goal, Hatari could also give the option to emulate additional hardware, such as ST-Replay cartridge, ICD AdSCSI ST real-time clock, additional IDE ports, even CT60 or real-world graphics cards...

Vincent Rivière

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