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On 13/05/2016 à 22:13, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
yes, I also thought that adding plain selection for megastf/megaste would be
a nice addition, even if the corresponding machines differ only by a few HW
changes, it's easier to select for the user.

As for removing blitter and rtc option, maybe they could be moved under a
new system/advanced setting windows ? It could be useful to some people for
prototyping to be able to test under emulation what a real st would give
with blitter/rtc and emutos for example (I know emutos people are often
testing all the HW combination) ?

Please do not remove the Blitter / RTC options. EmuTOS autodetects each hardware component. Hatari is the only Atari emulator where specific hardware can easily be added/removed. It is pleasant and sometimes useful to see that EmuTOS can handle any hardware combination properly.

Regarding to configuration easiness, a good example of emulator is WinUAE.

1) It provides a basic settings tab where the user can select a basic machine and a few major settings. For Hatari, that could be ST/MegaST/STe/MegaSTe/TT/Falcon, and the amount of ST-RAM.

2) Then it provides advanced tabs where the user can configure virtually anything: enable/remove additional hardware, etc.

Current Hatari versatility is a key feature. If that changes, that would be a shame.

Vincent Rivière

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